Most people are aware of their need for deliverance, though they may not know about deliverance ministry. They generally know that SOMETHING is wrong, that they need help or assistance, need counseling or prayer – something. But many do not seek it out of embarrassment, fear, or genuine ignorance on how to obtain it.

For instance, a man dealing with pornography, even a Christian man, may know it feels wrong and that he wants to stop, but cannot stop himself, feels powerless and is ashamed to talk to anyone about it. Don’t fall for that trick of the enemy.


Help is out there for you.

After salvation (see page on Salvation) an individual may need deliverance prayer or a deliverance session to become free of addictions or spirits or areas of conflict that plague them. For some, upon salvation or baptism, they are instantly delivered and free of former vices. There are many testimonies of that. But for others, it is a process.

As you grow in the Word of God, learning more about God’s love and His design for His children, deliverance happens naturally. When you find out God’s view on things, the promises and plans He has for your life, the old things fall off. If you slip and fall, you get back up again and keep going, repenting and striving to grow more.

But if an area is strong, you may need to forcefully expel the spirit associated with that area. You are in bondage to what you continually yield to (2 Peter 2:19b “For you are a slave to whatever controls you.” New Living Translation).

There are books and manuals that explain how to do this. Don’t let the term ‘spirit’ scare you. They are real and need to be dealt with, and you as a believer have that power. There are examples in scripture where Jesus spoke to unclean spirits (demons) and commanded them to leave the person. He also said that in His Name we would do the same.

There is power in His Name and there is power in your own words. (Proverbs 18:21a “Death and life are in the power of the tongue...” King James Version).

You can speak aloud that you are delivered from whatever it is that ails you, whether it be depression, drugs, porn, jealousy, evil thoughts, anger/rage, lying, fornication, adultery, compulsive behavior, etc – AND YOU WILL BE.

It may not happen over night, but it will happen. Your faith, and the knowledge that you obtain over these areas (how the area started in you, how it is triggered, how it is linked to other areas of your life) will guarantee it. You may need more than one deliverance session to get to the root of it all.

There are books you can read to find out more about specific areas and specific deliverance procedures and prayers, such as




This site does not profess to agree with everything written in any book recommended, with the exception of the Holy Bible. Books listed here are good sources of references, and are generally referred by deliverance ministers.

Deliverance Session

You can also sign up for meet for a personal deliverance or inner healing session by filling out the form here.  You will receive a questionnaire to identify some of the areas that need addressing.  Often times the form allows you to become aware of the root causes of these issues.  Once you have completed the form we can schedule your personal session, which lasts about an hour.  Deliverance and inner healing sessions are FREE of charge.

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